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ReBuild your skin. From the inside, out. 

RéVive formulas unlock the power of Bio-Renewal Technology, a cutting-edge science, which visibly transforms & renews, restoring skin to a younger, healthier, more supple version of itself.

The RéVive Story

Dr. Gregory Brown, a noted plastic and reconstructive surgeon, spent years researching a healing process for burn victims. Years later, he applied that same Nobel Prize-winning technology to find a “solution” for anti aging, patenting the process at the time.

And RéVive was born.

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Doctors Stanley Cohen & Rita Motalcini discover epidermal growth factor (EGF)
The doctors were originally looking for nerve growth factor but in doing so discovered epidermal growth factor. EGF occurs very minimally in the body so it was difficult to get enough material to do further research.
Dr. William Rutter and Chiron clone EGF molecule
Dr. William Rutter, Founder and Chairman of the biotechnology company Chiron, was able to manufacture the EGF molecule. But the company needed clinical expertise to further study the compound. Dr. Brown saw the vast clinical value of EGF and recognized its ability to potentially help in burn wound healing. A passion to develop his findings led Dr. Brown to partner with Chiron to obtain EGF for future research. Dr. Brown and Chiron were one of the first to commercialize growth factors.
Human wound healing studies begin on bioengineered EGF
As a resident at Emory University, Dr. Brown and colleagues worked in collaboration with Vanderbilt University to study burn wound healing. It was in these randomized, double-blind human studies that they were able to show that wound healing could be stimulated using EGF.
1 million U.S. Army grant awarded to accelerate burn wound healing
Dr. Brown applied for a U.S. Army Grant to help fund basic and clinical research. It took 4 years from the time of application to obtaining the funds.
Doctors Stanley Cohen and Rita Motalcini win Nobel Prize for medicine
The 1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded jointly to Dr. Stanley Cohen and Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini for their discovery of growth factors
New England Journal of Medicine publishes “Enhancement of Wound Healing By Topical Treatment with Epidermal Growth Factor” article
As a result of his extensive clinical work, Dr. Brown, then a junior faculty member, was listed as the first author of the article.
Human studies begin, showing EGF can reverse signs of aging
Dr. Brown conducted clinical studies for the patent showing the reversal of epidermal senescence, or skin aging.
U.S. patent awarded for EGF as anti-aging in skincare
Dr. Brown obtained and is named in the patent combining skincare with EGF.
RéVive launches at Neiman Marcus
The brand sells just one product: Moisturizing Renewal Cream.
With the goal of creating the world’s most innovative, effective products, Dr. Brown continues his impassioned research. Today, each RéVive product is scientifically formulated with BioRenewal Technology to transform and rejuvenate skin.

Dr. Gregory Bays Brown: A Skincare Pioneer

A Kentucky native, Dr. Brown graduated magna cum laude from the University of Louisville and studied surgery at Harvard University. He became a fellow in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University. His studies have been published in numerous medical journals, and he is the author of About Face: A Plastic Surgeon's 4-Step Nonsurgical Program for Younger, Beautiful Skin.

An avid collector of contemporary art, Dr. Brown lends his support to a wide range of charitable and cultural initiatives, including arts in education and the cultivation of new and emerging artistic talent.

The Moisturizer That Started It All

In 1997 RéVive launched one product exclusively with Neiman Marcus: Moisturizing Renewal Cream. The nightly retexturizing moisturizer quickly became a fan favorite and catapulted the brand into the luxury skincare spotlight.

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Bio-Renewal Technology Inspired by Dr. Brown’s research, today RéVive products are formulated with Bio-Renewal Technology which refers to skin identical, ethicallycreated Epidermal Growth Factor peptides. Our signature Nobel Prize-winning inspired science mimics skin’s renewal process to appear more youthful. A trio of signature peptides – rejuvenating Bio-Renewal Peptide, density-boosting BioVolumizing Peptide, and elasticity fortifying BioFirming Peptide – help skin recreate its structural integrity.

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