"Melanie is the only massage therapist I have been to that knows the perfect amount of pressure. So that I don't have to say anything during the treatment. I would recommend her to patients of mine that are injured and friends and family that need a deep tissue massage."

"Melanie is totally awesome! I had an hour massage today with hot stones. I I was so relaxed and felt incredible when I left. Thank you again Mel, job well done"

"I’d recommend Revive Massage Therapy to those who frequent, those who have had very little experience with, and those who have had a previous undesirable experience with Massage Therapy. Mel’s extensive knowledge and experience with rehab and injuries gives her a leg up in my opinion to her peers. I personally have always left feeling much better than when I arrived. In the past, I was never one to frequent massages until a recent injury pushed me to try Massage Therapy. Mel has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable and calm. Since starting Massage Therapy I am able to work, work out, and manage my symptoms from my injury. I can’t thank Mel enough!"

"Melanie Olson at Revive Massage Therapy is a fantastic therapist! She knows the body and how to relieve: pain, pressure, knots, and tension. She can work her magic precisely and hit all the right spots to relieve and revive you completely. I am a repeat customer and absolutely love this woman's ability and her personality matches her skill set. She is a wonder! Very nice, relaxing environment is provided as she works her magic. Each time I walk out of her studio and the end of a session, I feel so much better, think more clearly, and have an abundance of liveliness, feeling blessed. I highly recommend seeing Melanie at your earliest convenience!"

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